International Trips and Why They Are the Best

It can become pretty tasking to determine where you spend your next holiday. Sometimes, if you have spent enough time in your city or country, you might feel the urge to try something new.

Travelling abroad gives you a great way to view the diversity of the world. Infact many people engage in different cultures and even learn a new language on their trips abroad. Before you take the trip though, there are certain fundamental steps that need to be covered to ensure that your trip is well planned.

Your Best Checklist when Travelling Abroad

  • Choose a destination.

Before you choose a destination, you need to ask the following questions:

  1. Why am I going abroad?
  2. How expensive is it to visit this country.
  3. How can I get to my destination?
  4. Do I need a visa?

There are many reasons why you might want to travel abroad. It could be a business venture or just for a really good vacation. It is important that you answer these questions and then pick a destination that you will be most comfortable with.

  • Do I need a visa?

In most countries, visiting tourists need a visa to be granted entrance into the country. The requirements for a visa differ between countries. Once you have chosen a destination, it is imperative that you visit the embassy of that country or even check online to find out what the requirements to get a visa are. Some countries take longer to process visa applications than others. Due to this fact, potential travelers are advised to apply for a visa 1-2 months before their expected date of travel.

  • How will I get to my destination

Most airlines have adequate information on their sites about their routes and the airfare. Pick a suitable airline and then book a ticket early. This should be done as soon as your date for traveling has been fixed, to avoid any disappointment with either a fully booked flight, forcing you to pick another date, or a sudden increase in price as the date of the trip draws near.

  • Where will I stay once I get to my destination?

With regards to where you should stay, there are many options to choose from. The best and most widely used option is to book a hotel. Most of the time, the booking can be done remotely. Once you book online, you can make payment for the services with your best credit cards for traveling. Lately, other people are trying options that allow them to rent an apartment for their stay abroad. Several companies give these services. A good example is Airbnb.

  • How will I spend once I get to my destination?

The need for an international credit or debit card cannot be overemphasized. When taking a trip, instead of carrying loads of cash on you, it is better to travel with your international credit card so that you can pay for all your services without a hustle.

Now that you are ready to take your trip, you can read more about the country you wish to visit, familiarise yourself with a little bit of their culture, and prepare to have one of the best times of your life, because a trip abroad is always one worth taking!

Rome Travel Guide

We have information about everything you would want to know about Rome. Including information on history, attractions, shopping and accommodation with photos, maps and tips to help you find your way around Rome.

About Rome: “O Rome! My Country! City of the Soul!” Lord Byron

Rome is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. It has over 2700 years of history to explore including the world-famous colosseum and the roman forums. It is a great holiday spot with lots of things to do all over the city, even if you spent weeks exploring it, you’ll only get a glimpse of this spectacular city. The ‘Eternal City’ of Rome used to be the capital of the vast Roman Empire stretching all over Europe.

History of Rome

Rome, the present capital of Italy, has a colourful history which started with a small Stone Age population and developed to a community which dominated the Mediterranean region for centuries; a feat that practically no one else in history has achieved. A basic history of the city is always useful when visiting the city as it helps to understand the ancient monuments and sights.

Rome Attractions


The most famous icon of Rome. You can walk inside it and see where the spectators watched and where the gladiators fought. It is an incredible place to go. Well recommended

Spanish Steps

This is a great place to visit, especially at night where the street is alive with tourists and pizzerias.

Monument of Victor Emmanuel II

This was made to honor Victor Emmanuel who was the first king of Italy. It was completed in 1925.

Shopping In Rome

Shopping in Rome is a varied and practically endless experience. Rome is bursting with places to spend your Euros, from small markets to huge department stores.

The majority of shops are open between 9 or 9:30 to 1 and from 3:30 or 4 to 7 or 7:30 , however in the city centre shops tend to stay open throughout the day.

Rome is an expensive city however if you are after quality goods, Rome is the place to go. There are many areas in Rome which are worth a look, below is a list of some of the key places to make sure you have visit:

Piazza di Spagna

Often referred to as the Spanish Steps this is a popular tourist attraction and is one of the best and richest shopping streets in Italy. It contains many designer shops such as Armani, Prada and Gucci.

Via del Corso

This is a busy pedestrianised street which runs almost a mile. It is popular with tourists and Italians alike and contains many boutiques, bookstores and the famous Ferrari flagship store.


Trastevere is a district of Rome with many fascinating winding streets and outdoor food markets, which is a great place to experience Roman culture.


Travel Inside Singapore

Singapore is a good place for tourism. Thousands of tourists visit Singapore every year. There are many places to visit. This is a good tourist spot in Asia and must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

The big purpose for your Singapore vacation is to explore the Singapore tourist attractions.

Whether you’re a nature-lover, wildlife-lover, nightlife-lover, food-lover, shopaholic or a mixture of these, there’s bound to be something in Singapore to keep you happy holidaying.

Singapore History: Since Independence

Despite Singapore’s reluctant separation from Malaysia, it struck out on its own and thrived under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew.

With no natural resources, Singapore evolved and progressed rapidly into Asia’s financial centre and became an “economic miracle”.

Although Mr Lee resigned in 1990 and Goh Chok Tong succeeded as Prime Minister, Mr Lee continues to guide Singapore as Mentor Minister.

In 2004, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (Lee Kuan Yew’s son) succeeded Mr Goh.

Today, under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore is swiftly establishing itself as an IT, transportation, ideas and cultural hub.

Singapore may be young in history but her astounding growth has made the world sit up and pay attention.

Uncover the Secrets About Singapore

Curious about Singapore? Want to know what’s Singapore like?

Once a small pirate-infested fishing village covered in swamps, Singapore has magically transformed into one of the most advanced countries in the world today. Thanks to Sir Stamford Raffles who founded Singapore in 1819.

But please, don’t be quick to brush off Singapore as an ultra-modern and cosmopolitan city, overshadowed by high-rise skyscrapers.

Yes, there are impressive hotels, superb transportation, and world-class facilities. But underneath all the sophistication of the West, the Lion City’s soul beats to the cultural rhythms of the Chinese, Malays and Indians.

Take a closer look, you’ll discover a small island steeped in ancient traditions, a melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity.

It’s almost like travelling to three lands of the Chinese, Malays and Indians in one.

I hope you like contrasts. A unique mix of contrasts await you on this island. And I hope you’ll find that Singaporeans are a unique lot of people. Bustling city relieves by pockets of scenic greenery. Executives in power suits walking alongside traditional costume-clad Indian women. High-rise skyscrapers looming above picturesque colonial-styled shophouses. Teenagers deftly text messaging without looking while old ladies calmly riding up and down the escalators.

Here’s where food is a national obsession, shopping the national pastime, Singlish (an interesting slang mix of English, Malay and Chinese Hokkien) the unofficial language.

Singapore seems to address the world on its own terms. And I hope you’re all geared up to come and visit Singapore.

Mumbai Travel Guide

Also known as Bombay, Mumbai is the largest metropolitan city and also the financial, commercial, industrial and celluloid capital of India. Mumbai is called the fastest of all Indian metropolises and is a place where anyone would love to be. Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state Maharashtra and is a place where people of all religions meet, cordially stay together and strive to get bigger and better each day.

Seven island cluster

Mumbai was originally a cluster of seven islands namely Colaba, Mumbai, Mazagaon, Old Woman’s island, Wadala, Mahim, Parel and Matunga Sion which were the homes of the Koli fishing community. These islands lied on the Konkan coastline and were joined over time to form the island city of ‘Bombay’ that meant ‘good bay’ in Portuguese. Bombay was an important trading center and port city after the English King Charles the Second gave it to the East India. In 1996, Bombay was renamed as Mumbai after the Mumbaidevi, the goddess of the Kolis.

Mumbai is famous for being the hub of Indian cinema and filmmaking i.e. Bollywood. The city is therefore teeming with people from different parts of the country who wish to try their luck on the silver screen.


Mumbai also boasts of several other world class attractions such as the Prince of Wales Museum which is one of the best museums in the country with art, sculpture, old firearms, rare coins and exclusive collection of miniature paintings at display. The other big pull is the Gateway of India which was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary for the Delhi Durbar in 1911. It is a super structure with four turrets and intricate latticework carved into the yellow basalt stone.

The Marine Drive remains an evergreen attraction of Mumbai. It is a well-known sea front with a winding stretch of road with tall buildings on one side and sea on the other. Similarly, the Juhu and Chowpatty Beaches are a great delight to the young as well as the old. Here you can enjoy several beach activities such as camel and pony rides, acrobats, performing monkeys and entertainers along with a splendid view of the coast.

Other Attractions

Not to forget is the Mani Bhawan that served as the Mumbai residence of Mahatma Gandhi. The Mani Bhawan has a big reference library with over 2000 books and other belongings of Bapu. Mumbai is also known for its Tower of Silence, Hanging Gardens and Kamla Nehru Park and the Jaina Temple. The city also offers some interesting excursions viz. the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Bassein Fort, the Matheran and Lonavla.

All in all, Mumbai is a perfect getaway to live life to the fullest. In order to reach Mumbai, you need to check the distance and expense. The city is well connected to other metropolises and can easily be reached through rail, road and air. Once in Mumbai, you can roam around conveniently through bus, cab or local train. The weather of the city is pleasant during the winters (November-March) and hot and humid during the summers. The heat waves keep a grip at the city from March to mid-June or September i.e. till the monsoon arrives. The month of October brings a great relief from humidity and heat. Also, Mumbai is popular for unpredicted rainfall and big traffic jams

New York City Travel Guide

New York City is one of the top destinations in the world! There’s no other place like it and visitors come back again and again to enjoy its multitude of sights, sounds, scents and scenes.
Here you’ll find the best New York hotels, attractions, restaurants and secrets that will make your trip one to remember!
The Big Apple offers everything a traveler could expect when it comes to entertainment, sightseeing, dining and shopping.
As a New York veteran, I’ve included exciting details that will make your trip to New York one that you’ll be talking about for years to come!

New York is considered as a business center in the United States. Also referred to as The Big Apple or the city that never sleeps, this place is known to travelers whether their purpose is for business or pleasure. Geographically, it is located in the northeastern of the country. It is bordered by Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont and Massachusetts. It also ranks third in terms of population.

Overview of New York

In terms of size, it is the largest city in the country. It is also known for its history. Another thing about New York is that it is known as gateway for immigration. Definitely the city is the center for cultural, financial, manufacturing and transportation of the State. New York never fails to mesmerize those frequent visitors because there is so much to see in the place. The light that brightens New York is truly amazing. Its skyscrapers are truly magnificent. Believe it or not, there are serene moments that could be felt in the city but of course, its energy and life makes it unique and appealing than ever.

Cosmopolitan City

The streets of New York will give you a touch of good food, fine architecture, exciting culture, glamour and fun filled entertainment. New York can be considered as a busy place because local residents and visitors are always indulging in everything that the city offers. For a lot of people, New York is the place to be. The population of New York is so diversified and it welcomes people from different parts of the globe.

There are over hundred of movies and television shows being set in New York. It is a favorite spot for filmmakers. Definitely New York is vibrant. Its thrill and excitement never ends. Every visit is considered an adventure.

One of the best things about New York is its high rise structures. The city jungle is also composed of neighborhoods that are divided into blocks. There are some visitors who may be confused with it however these avenues make the city unique. You can definitely roam around the city and always find something interesting. There are also bars and clubs that you can find in the streets of New York.

Your visit will not be complete without looking at some shopping centers. There are streets that are full of boutiques and shops of famous brands. When walking around these commercial areas, you can definitely feel the glamour. Famous designers and successful entrepreneurs are making the area more elegant and stylish. Overall, New York is an enticing city