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Wildlife In Dubai

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Wildlife In Dubai

Dubai is an exotic travel destination in the world. The city of Dubai is well known for its wildlife. The Dubai wildlife is known all over the world as it boasts of many species of wildlife and is one of the four premier destinations in the Middle East. The Dubai animal life is famous all over the world as it has a lot of diversities.

There are hundreds of birds that pass through this land and there are also many birds that breed. The migratory birds that pass through this land arrive from Europe, Sub Antarctic and also Asia. The birds that are easily seen are the Indian Rollers, Flamingoes, Bee eaters and also Hoopoe. The Dubai wildlife also includes lizards and they are present in varying sizes. The snakes also form a part of the Dubai animal life. They live in both the seas and on land.

The snakes in Dubai are of the venomous as well as the non venomous types. The venomous snakes are characterized by their triangular head. The wildlife of Dubai is also characterized by the presence of different species of fish. There are many fishes that live in the Arabian Gulf waters. The fishes that are found in the region are small, colorful tropical fishes, sharks, jellyfishes and also rays.

Apart from these, the Dubai wildlife is also abundant with the presence of marine life. Dubai animal life is vibrant with the presence of various species of diverse animals. Four or five off the seven turtle species are present in this region. The turtles of this region include the Green Turtle, the Hawksbill, the Leatherback and also the Olive Ridley Turtle.The other marine animals found in the Arabian Gulf waters are whales, dugongs and dolphins. There are other features of Dubai wildlife are also as diverse as the other wildlife features that Dubai has to offer.

The Dubai wildlife also contains a vast number of animal lives. The Dubai animal life is also characterized by the presence of a number of camels, goats and horses. These were among manís first domesticated animals and this unique friendship is still being preserved.The other notable wildlife of Dubai includes the desert fox, falcon, sand cat as well as the Arabian leopard. It is really hard to catch even a glimpse of these animals. The diversity of the wildlife is a treat for the eyes. It also makes Dubai a paradise for wildlife lovers.