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Beaches In Tokyo

Tokyo one of the busiest city of Japan, is known for its extra ordinary scenic beauty at all levels from Tokyo electronics to Tokyo food from Tokyo temple to Tokyo beaches.One can come to a conclusion of how luxurious Tokyo is by just knowing that Japan is the third richest country of world. If we are talking about beaches of Tokyo, than we should know about official opening of all the beaches, so that we can go on beaches officially.

And the estimated date of opening of all the beaches there in Tokyo is 1st July. Tokyo has many resorts of its own which are nearer to the city or city side which actually do have beaches. Surfers in the Tokyo have meet with the waves in the weekend thought they are not so clean but are indeed blow the wonderful blue sky.

Tokyo beaches have a long history of an awesome time and relaxation promising on the plank walks. ĎThe Sun Tribeí is a magnificent book written in 60ís by the governor there. The whole beach things talks are just amazing in Tokyo. Tokyo beaches are closely related to fashion, by giving a good look on dirty beach.

Wonderful music all where which makes people dance with the drinksí in had, with girls and girls all where. The common dress codes found on the heavenly Tokyo beaches are Bikinis with matching skirts for lovely girls and beach towel with hibiscus flower printed on it for the dashing guys there.

If we are talking about the beaches of the Tokyo than how can we forget talking about the best beach in the Tokyo that is Kamakura which is owned by Hisao Terumoto. It is one of the best beaches available which is the oldest one. Itís nearby Tokyo, just an hourís ride in train from the busy city.

There are many beaches in Tokyo like, Tokyo shonan beach, Shirashi Island, Aoshima beach, shirahama beach. These lovely beaches have their own lovely characteristics. Some beaches have dangerous waves while some are having silent waves some are near to Tokyo than some are far.If we talk of the most crowded beach all round the season is Shonan beach, which is an hourís ride from Tokyo and is 10-11 kilo meters Kamakura.

There are bars all way seen on beach. The crowd on the beach is basically seen in July and August. The Enoshima beach just next to shonan beach is also crowded. These beaches have water sports available which attracts most of the crowd.I would suggest to the people who are planning to go to Tokyo for their vacation, for not leaving a chance to see the sexy beaches. Without going on beaches and having fun, the trip to Tokyo is not completed.